Kanye West is a now household name – however, which house remains unclear. Perhaps today sheds some light on the rapper, producer, and fashion designer’s strategic intentions behind announcing his bid for the presidency in the 2020 election via Twitter.

In a matter of hours, thousands took to social media to dissect, champion, mock, and ponder this mysterious tweet from West, who recently announced a long-term partnership for his own Yeezy Gap clothing line followed up days later by a glamour shot with Elon Musk – who today tweeted in support of Ye’s decision to run.

Entering a presidential race for the same-year election comes with many sizeable to-do’s, “he would need to qualify for ballot access across 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as build a presidential-grade political organization from scratch without the support of a party infrastructure.” writes Derek Wallbank.

With many loose ends to tie up before entertaining a presidential race, folks took to Twitter to suggest the announcement was not real and rather part of “an album promotion cycle,” and that “he only talks when he has an album he want’s ya’ll to listen to.”

While Kanye has been spotted wearing the infamous red MAGA hat in support of Donald Trump several times, he and wife Kim Kardashian have spent some time close to The White House and around Trump too – last year they lobbied to free rapper A$AP Rocky from Swedish jail after he was arrested following an altercation on tour. In Kardashian’s cover interview with Vogue last summer, she talks about Kanye’s political views and how the issue acted as an anxiety trigger in thier relationship, “he doesn’t represent either side. But he doesn’t want to be told what he should be.”


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