Comedian Jim Carrey will lend a hand to the Saturday Night Live cast this season by playing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, the show announced Wednesday, and is set to become part of a long history of the sketch comedy show parodying political figures.

Key Facts

For its upcoming 46th season, slated to begin next month, Carrey will reportedly join familiar faces like Maya Rudulph and Alec Baldwin, who are set to reprise their roles as Kamala Harris and Donald Trump, respectively, Saturday Night Live executive producer Lorne Micheals told Vulture.

“You’ll see the same people,” Micheals told the outlet. “Maya Rudolph is coming back, and Alec [Baldwin] will be back. And Jim Carrey is going to do Biden.”Micheals said Carrey had expressed interest in the role.

Carrey will be the fourth actor in just two seasons to play Biden—on the previous season of Saturday Night Live, actors Woody Harrelson and John Mulaney had stints playing the former vice president, along with Jason Sudekis who also portrayed Biden during the Obama administration.

The show will work with Gov. Andrew Cuomo to safely have a limited number of guests in-house as part of Saturday Night Live’s traditional live audience, according to a release.

Key Background

SNL is famous for poking fun at politicians. A few of the show’s most well-known impersonations include Tina Fey’s take on Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin as  a bumbling candidate from the backwoods in 2008, and both Amy Poehler and Kate McKinnon’s stints as a high-strung, ultra-ambitious Hillary Clinton. Maya Rudolph was nominated for an Emmy for her role as Harris this year. Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump was enough to apparently get under the president’s skin. Trump has repeatedly attacked the actor and Saturday Night Live over the impersonation.

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