MANGALURU: In a big relief for many Indian expats, Saudi Arabia‘s ambassador to India has assured that permission will be granted for companies to fly their most essential employees from India through special flights.
Former deputy chairperson of NRI Forum of Karnataka, Arathi Krishna, told TOI that most of the Indians, who returned home during the pandemic, will have to wait till November to fly back to Saudi Arabia. However, companies may contact the foreign affairs ministry in Saudi Arabia to fly their most essential employees back through special permission, said Arathi, who held a discussion with Dr Saud Mohammed Al-Sati, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to India in New Delhi.
“I spoke to Dr Saud Mohammed Al-Sati, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to India and discussed issues like Covid19, Geopolitics, employment and Air Bubble. Doctors and nurses working in the emergency department will be able to travel as of now, while rest might have to wait till this November approximately. He has assured that, if companies need to call in the most essential employees, they can contact the Saudi ministry of foreign affairs and fly on a special flights through the Saudi embassy with the permission of the ministry of external affairs of India,” she said.
Arathi, who has assisted many expats and companies in various foreign countries to obtain necessary permissions from the governments for the repatriation of Indians during pandemic, said, she will always continue to assist in whatever way she can.
“Few companies in Saudi Arabia have already contacted me seeking help. I have been helping them without me holding any position. I am doing only through my personal contacts,” she added.
Currently, the Saudi Arabia’s ambassador has assured that companies will be allowed to fly only the most essential employees from India. Others will have to wait till November due to the increase in the number of Covid19 cases in India. They are yet to issue SOPs related to the travel of other employees, Arathi said adding that she has met Sanjay Bhattacharya, secretary of NRI division in ministry of external affairs, and discussed about various issues relating to NRIs, especially about those who have returned due to job loss in pandemic.

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