The Trump campaign claimed in Facebook ads on Tuesday that President Trump had “achieved peace in the Middle East” after Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates signed a deal to establish diplomatic relations with Israel – but the small Gulf nations were not at war with the Jewish state, and the firing of rockets from Gaza in response to the accord came as a reminder of the knotty problems that remain unresolved.

Key Facts

The normalization of ties between the three nations through what has been dubbed the Abraham Accord has been widely hailed as a symbolic victory, but the Trump team has taken it a step further, with conservatives arguing it should result in a Nobel Peace Prize for Trump.

But many commentators have noted that the accord falls short of earning the title a “peace deal,” with NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander noting, “There was no actual conflict, no war between these countries,” and it does nothing to address any of Israel’s core conflicts with the Palestinians, Hezbollah or Iran.

The deal has also been met with fierce condemnation from key powers in the Middle East, even as Trump on Tuesday said “seven or eight or nine” more countries are ready to join the deal, including Saudi Arabia.

Iranian leader Ali Khamenei has called the deal a “betrayal” of Palestinians and predicted it would “not last long,” while Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qassem said the agreements are “not worth the ink with which they were written.”

Hundreds of Palestinians marched in protest of the deal on Tuesday with signs reading “Treason” and “The agreements of shame,” while Hamas fired two rockets into Southern Israel from Gaza.

Forbes has reached out to the Trump and Biden campaigns for comment.

Crucial Quote

Even as his campaign claims a done deal, Trump himself has not been so bold as to claim the deal results in Middle East peace. “You’re going to see a lot of very great activity,” Trump said of future signatories to the deal on Tuesday. “It’s going to be peace in the Middle East.”

Chief Critic

“The losers in this deal are the Palestinians… The UAE and Bahrain are now saying they don’t really care about the Palestinians,” wrote Slate columnist Fred Kaplan. “We have not yet reached the day when lambs lie down with lions. The treaty may mark the dawn of something, but it’s still the Middle East.”

Big Number

13. That’s how many Israelis were injured by the rocket attacks on Tuesday, according to the Jerusalem Post.


The Trump campaign also claimed Trump achieved peace in the Middle East in a Facebook ad on Saturday, which also touted Trump being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, which it misspelled as the “Noble Peace Prize.”

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