Angela Deem opens up about her mother Glenda’s failing health during the emotional June 21 episode of “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.”

Angela Deem‘s mother Glenda Standridge plays a very important role in her life, according to the the June 21 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever AfterIn a promo clip for Sunday’s episode, Angela shares that she’s very proud to be Glenda’s daughter while calling her mom a “fighter.”

“My mom and me have our ups and downs, but I’m very proud to be her daughter,” Angela tells the producers in the clip below. “She a fighter. And I get it from her.”

The reality star, who was taking care of her ailing mother at the time, also voices her concern about leaving her mother behind in the states while she travels to Nigeria to marry Michael. It’s obvious from the clip that her mother’s health is deteriorating, and Angela gets emotional after expressing her fears that Glenda might die while she’s overseas.

Angela is Devastated That Her Mother Can’t Attend Her Wedding

In the clip above, Angela gets emotional while discussing her mother’s ongoing health issues. She starts to tear up as she talks about their relationship and her fears that Glenda might die while she’s away in Nigeria marrying Michael.

“Mama’s not doing good,” Angela says during a confessional. “She’s got pneumonia, and I’m going very soon to Nigeria to marry Michael. So I need to tell my mom … the most exciting thing for her life is to see me get married, and she can’t be apart of it.”

It’s obvious in the clip that Angela’s mother is very ill; while Angela attempts to fill her in on her own medical issues, Glenda struggles to catch her breath and has a coughing fit. When the producer asks if she is worried something might happen to Glenda while she’s gone, Angela starts openly crying.

“Is it worth leaving my mom, sick, and she might not be here when I get back?” Angela asks as she buries her face in her hands. “But she tells me to go, because she knows I love him. She puts me before her,” she adds tearfully, before excusing herself and leaving the interview.

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Angela’s Mother Died on February 8, 2020, Shortly After Angela Was Married in Nigeria

Sadly, Angela’s fears about her mother’s health were confirmed earlier this year when she announced that Glenda had passed away after a long battle with several serious health complications. Her mother died on February 8, 2020 at age 77, just a few short weeks after Angela and Michael were married in Nigeria.

Angela took to Instagram in early February to announce her mother’s passing, writing, “We love you moma, But God love you more! Rest in peace mama. We love and will miss you.” She also shared a photo of Glenda’s obituary the following day, while thanking her fans and followers for their condolences.

Several months later, Angela again shared her grief on Instagram following her first Mother’s Day without her beloved mom. She wrote an emotional tribute to Glenda, which reads, “Mother, I need you so much, I wish you were here. However, it comforts me to know that I did everything I could for you. Happy Mother’s Day to you in heaven.”

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