Memphis, Cody, Christmas, Kevin, Nicole, and Ian compete in the first Big Brother 22 Head of Household competition.

Long-running CBS reality TV show Big Brother returned on August 5 with a live move-in show, the first one the broadcast TV version has ever done. With it came the start of the live feeds, which you can sign up for at CBS All Access.

But if you went to watch the live feeds and encountered an error that read, “An unexpected condition was encountered. VCI error initializing RCO: IMA SDK is missing,” you weren’t able to watch. Here’s a quick fix.

Disable Your Ad Blocker

Getting rid of the error “an unexpected condition was encountered. VCI error initializing RCO: IMA SDK is missing” was as simple as disabling the ad blocker being used in the web browser. Then a refresh of the page had the feeds up and running in no time.

Night One Recap

The 16 houseguests were immediately put into a competition in groups of four, with each group possibly advancing two people into the first Head of Household competition.

The groups were:

  • Christmas, Daniele, Nicole F., and Da’Vonne
  • Kevin, Tyler, Enzo, and Ian
  • Nicole A., Bayleigh, Janelle, and Keesha
  • David, Cody, Memphis, and Kaysar

Advancing to the HOH comp were Christmas, Ian, Kevin, Nicole A., Memphis, and Cody, with Cody running the wobbling obstacle course in an astonishing 22 seconds to win the first HOH.

The other five people all had to draw envelopes where four of them became Have-Nots for the week (Ian, Nicole, Kevin, and Memphis) and one got the envelope with money inside — Christmas won $5000.

Cody got his HOH room a little after midnight PT, but because he was the first HOH, he didn’t get a letter or pictures from home or any music. He also did not get alcohol because he didn’t request any and weirdly, the houseguests didn’t get their opening night champagne like they’ve gotten in the past.

So really the conversations were mostly centered around getting to know each other and talking about past Big Brother seasons and other houseguests who weren’t there.

The hamsters did reveal around 11:30 pm PT that they had to undergo racial bias and sexual harassment training prior to the season, which they all agreed was a good thing and something the show probably should have started doing a long time ago.

There wasn’t a ton of game talk, honestly. Kaysar and Janelle did say they should not be seen together too much, though it’s not like the other houseguests would ever think they’re NOT working together. Kaysar did seem to make friends with Nicole A., and she also got friendly with Ian, so perhaps the four of them will work together? Janelle and Ian have a past, having been on season 14 together.

The only other really noteworthy pairing was Dani and Nicole F. They were thick as thieves on the live feeds, which was interesting. They both said they didn’t want to win the first HOH, but there has been a lot of chatter about how nice everyone is and how they don’t even want to play the game because everyone’s so great, so that means nobody is standing out as an obvious eviction yet, which means anyone could go home.

Big Brother’s second episode will air Sunday, August 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, then after that, episodes will air on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Sign up for the live feeds on CBS All Access now.

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