“Leaks” are not an uncommon phenomenon in the celebrity world. Sometimes the pictures are leaked by malicious hackers, while others leak the NSFW content intentionally to gain popularity. And then there’s a third kind like beloved Captain America aka Chris Evans, whose Instagram naivete led him to share some very NSFW content over his profile.

The actor, who is a fresher to the world of Instagram, accidentally shared his NSFW pictures for the whole world to see. As expected from such a major social-media faux pas, the internet immediately blew up with reactions.

The incident happened during a game of online heads-up, where he had to share a screen recording of his camera gallery. However, the actor must have forgotten about the contents of his phone and scrolled away, unaware of the storm he was going to brew.

In the camera gallery, like many other people, he had his very private moments including some very naked images. The screen-recording was short and individual images are blurry. But that didn’t stop Twitter from freaking out over the post.

While some were simply shell-shocked, most fans wore their justice hats and embarked on a mission to save the Captain America from any possible ridicule. Here are some of the reactions.

The defenders put out messages like these:

Chris has one of the most dedicated fan bases in the entertainment world, owing to his almost decade long portrayal of Captain America as well his personal style and social awareness. His fans immediately began the digital clean-up. They scoured the internet of posts reposting his now-deleted video, reporting each for abuse.

This love and support were well-appreciated by the actor. Appearing on the Tamron Hall Show, he talked about having the most fantastic fan base, thanking them for all their support. “Something happened this weekend? It’s called turning the frown upside down. It has been an interesting weekend, full of lessons learnt. Things happen, it is embarrassing, you gotta roll with the punches. I will say I have some pretty fantastic fans who really came to my support. That was really, really nice,” said Chris (via).

He also said the weekend was eventful, with a lot of lessons learned. True to his personality, he used the incident to encourage voters to go out and perform their civic duties.

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