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Chris Watts Today: Where Is the Colorado Killer Now in 2020?

Police file

Chris Watts today is in a Wisconsin prison. Above right, a photo of the crime scene.

Chris Watts is the subject of a new Netflix series called “American Murder: The Family Next Door.” It tells the story of the father of two and one unborn child who was convicted of murdering his wife, Shanann, and their two daughters, stuffing the children in oil drums.

Watts was convicted of strangling his pregnant wife and smothering their daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3. It was later revealed that Watts was having an affair with a woman named Nichol Kessinger. The Netflix shows details the deteriorating relationship between Chris and Shanann, who began suspecting her husband was having an affair.

Watts blamed Shanann, saying she murdered the girls and he murdered his wife in anger upon discovering that, but the jury didn’t buy it.

Where is Chris Watts today? In November 2018, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He is currently being housed in the Wisconsin prison system. That’s according to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections spokesperson, who told Heavy on October 1, when asked whether Watts was still incarcerated there, “Yes, still in Wisconsin.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Watts Was Sent to Dodge Correctional Institution

chris watts

Police photoChris Watts

Watts was moved out of state due to the notoriety of the case. That’s how he ended up in Wisconsin even though his conviction is in Wisconsin.

A&E reported that Watts was transferred on December 3, 2018 Watts to Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin. “He has been moved out of Colorado for security concerns due to him being a high-profile offender,” Mark Fairbairn, a Colorado Department of Corrections spokesperson, said then, according to A&E.

watts24 Chris Watts Today: Where Is the Colorado Killer Now in 2020?

Police fileUltrasound picture of Shanann’s unborn child.

Watts’ life today is a far cry from the life he enjoyed before. “His whole existence is sitting in a prison cell 23/7,” Larry Levine, director of Wall Street Prison Consultants, told A&E. “He probably gets let out for an hour a day. He is probably in [some kind of] isolation unit; he doesn’t have a cellmate.”

Watts Has Befriended Another Notorious Inmate While in Prison & Receives Love Letters From Admirers

Nichol Kessinger

YouTubeNichol Kessinger and Chris Watts.

The police file in the case contains voluminous love letters that Watts has received from women throughout the country while he was incarcerated. The letters contain pictures of the women and offer empathy for Watts.

In addition, Watts befriended another notorious inmate while in Wisconsin. Jake Patterson was accused of kidnapping a teenage girl, Jayme Closs, after murdering her parents. That’s according to a book called “The Perfect Father.”

“When they’d go out for rec, other prisoners would start yelling at them and Patterson would start yelling things back,” author John Glatt told MailOnline. “Christopher told him, ‘Don’t do that. Just calm down.’”

People Magazine reported that Watts was “triggered” by the Netflix documentary, quoting a source as saying about him, “He can’t see it, and he’ll probably never see it. He’s curious about it, but he hates even knowing that his texts are out there for the public to read. It brings back awful memories of 2018 for him.” Watts is 35 years old today in 2020.

The source told People Magazine that prison employees were watching the documentary. “There’s a lot of curiosity about him in prison,” the source told People. “He’s the most high-profile inmate and what he did is incomprehensible, so everyone wants to know more about the case.”

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