Shreya Ghoshal shares a picture of her amid the beach waves, says she felt good to finally step out of the home since lockdown was imposed in March.


Updated:September 14, 2020, 5:34 PM IST

Credits- Instagram

Singer Shreya Ghoshal says she felt good to finally step out of home for the first time since lockdown got imposed in March.

On Monday, Shreya posted pictures from the beach amid the waves, on Instagram. “Finally stepped out of home for a drive to a secluded rocky seaside. No human being in view for miles. One with nature. Felt good. Of course, the mask was off only for pictures,” she captioned the photos.

While lockdown has meant no concerts, like other artistes she also used technology to do virtual shows and work on new music.

She has honed her cooking, too. “I think my cooking skills have definitely improved. I have been experimenting in the kitchen. Some dishes have turned out to be very successful. So I pat my shoulder. I have made some really tasty stuff,” she had said in an interview earlier.

Household chores have also kept her occupied. “Although I am saying that I have a lot of time, the fact remains that most of the day goes in doing the household chores. And it is difficult. So from cleaning to cooking to keeping the house tidy, I am doing it all.

“Some form of home exercises keep me occupied, too. I watch news regularly, a lot of people are affected in this pandemic. I am trying to do my bit by actively trying to help out the needy through donations,” Shreya had said earlier.

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