Hina Khan and Dheeraj Dhoopar

Hina Khan shared that her latest music video ‘Humko Tum Mil Gaye’ talks about being positive and staying faithful to your beliefs during trying and testing times.

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  • Last Updated: September 15, 2020, 10:13 PM IST


The much-awaited music video “Humko Tum Mil Gaye” is out. The video stars Hina Khan and Dheeraj Dhoopar. Behind the scenes are singer Vishal Mishra, composer Naresh Sharma, and lyricist Sayeed Quadri. Hina has posted this image to her Instagram to tease the release earlier this month.

She captioned the photo as, “Resting all speculations to ease, #HumkoTumMilGaye ♥️ @dheerajdhoopar #ComingOutSoon”

Watch Hina Khan and Dheeraj Dhoopar's Crackling Chemistry in 'Humko Tum Mil Gaye' Music Video

In an interview with the Indian Express, Hina said more than the song itself, it was the concept of the video that made her jump on board. According to her, the video-story is basically what binds a relationship.

“The theme and concept of the music video is what appealed to me the most. Besides being a romantic number, it has a very strong and meaningful message,” she was quoted as saying.

In her opinion, the video is something that needs to be seen during these times (pandemic). She explains the video as being positive and promoting loyalty and faithfulness, even through the most testing times. This is a very subtle and beautiful way to spread an inspirational message, she said.

The video features a couple where the young man becomes wheelchair-bound by a twist of fate. His wife, Hina, attempts to be his caregiver and emotional support. Watch here:

Hina’s romantic partner in this music video is Dheeraj Dhoopar. However, fans of the hit supernatural show, Naagin 5, know them as enemies. Hina confessed that despite being antagonists on the show, their chemistry was evidently brilliant, and hence the video team approached them.

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