HIS AND HER DECISION: Sometimes it’s the smallest decision, that can change your life forever . . .
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A real story is defined as herewith. Everyone has a special and different impression in the game of life.
Everyone who came into my friend’s life has been played a different inning but someone came into the crease in a vulnerable moment, hand-with and finally takes away the game of life into a situation where its felled game was in control throughout the innings. But the player at the other end put the one in the middle of the crease where it would be difficult to touch neither side when fielders field the game.
‘Pal Pal Dil ke Paas’ – the phone was ringing inside the pocket for 30 seconds, the call was neither answered nor rejected by the receiver.
Again the phone was ringing, but this time phone call was picked just after 4 rings.
‘Hello, what are you doing?’ – A disturbed and worried voice came here on the phone.
‘Just ‘Hello’ and kept silent,’ – replied.
‘Hello, Am I audible?’
‘Just wait’, the receiver was in the railway station waiting for a friend; put the call on hold and inquiry for the train arrival.
After an hour’s delay, the train arrived at the station and as of waiting time was over.
This decision made over this phony conversation was changed the current game of their life.
Some decision in one moment can erase all the memory,
That we have been creating since beginning…
And on some decision even after rushing for the entire life,
Can’t get back memory to spend for a moment…

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