Owned by Frank: A Mafia Dark Romance (The Mafia Collection Book 1)
Price: ₹ 219.00
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Frank is the descendant and only heir of a whole lineage. An arrogant, stubborn and cocky boy, yet handsome and smart-mouthed at the same time. A feared and powerful man. No one does it like he does. He runs the whole city without even trying

He doesn’t need just any girl, he just needs a Queen, a fire so hot that can keep up with his.
Little did he know his world would give a compete turn when he meets… Grace.

“Hearing his voice leaves me frozen, it is deep and hoarse. Everyone laughs at his comment which makes me look at him irritated. He puts one hand in his pants pocket while the other covers his lips. I am sure he is laughing at me.
If he thinks I’m going to shut my mouth, he is very wrong
– Are you deaf too? – I call say with sarcasm.
Everyone keeps silent and waits for the fool to speak.
– Haven’t you heard that you belong to me? I don’t think there’s any other deaf person here but you.
– What makes you think I’m your property?
– You have been bought, to be clear, you are my gift…
– And? do you think I’ll take that as the reason I should belong to you? let me tell you that we are in the twenty-first century no matter what your half a neuron thinks.

Everyone murmurs with indignation.
The boy changes that smile into an angry and serious grimace, he hurries over to me.
I close my eyes tightly to wait for the blow but it never comes.
I feel a hand on my waist and another on the back of my neck. I open my eyes quickly and before I can reason those lips collide with mine.
It moves them quickly over mine. I hit his chest hard to push him away but he puts both hands on my waist and draws me closer to his body. He kisses me and at the same time looks at me with mockery. A spark of anger ignites in me and without hesitation I bite his lower lip hard. 26
He lets out a whimper of pain and walks away from me. His hand goes to his lip, he bleeds. He gently touches the injured part and grimaces in pain. He smiles at me even as the blood paints his lips. Everyone is stunned.”

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