Dickinson, one of Apple TV+’s most well received series, has finally dropped a first look at its second season, and its spooky vibe is perfect for the current Halloween season. Additionally, we have an announcement of a release date for the show, as well as a season 3 renewal.

The show will premiere the first three episodes on January 8, and will release a new episode every Friday after that. This a change from last season, which dropped in November and released all its episodes at once. The early renewal, ahead of season 2, shows great faith in the series by Apple, and makes Dickinson the first show to get a third season at the streamer. The anachronistic take on Emily Dickinson’s (Hailee Steinfeld) early life (the series takes place during Emily’s twenties), created by Alena Smith, has won acclaim for its utterly original dark humor and absurdist tendencies (read my full review of season 1 here).

The teaser trailer shows Emily surrounded by a group of girls – all dressed in flow-y white dresses and flower crowns – as they host a seance. “Should I seek,” Emily asks the spirits, “fame?” Immediately all of the candles in the room are blown out in a very ominous response to Emily’s question.

Last season Emily struggled to get her poetry published in spite of her father’s strong objections. This season it seems she’ll have to decide whether she even wants a public life as a writer. “In the second season, [Emily] is pulled out of her private literary life and thrust into the public eye, while struggling with the sense that the pursuit of fame might be a dangerous game for her to play,” the season’s description reads.

We know that in the end, Dickinson remained largely unpublished and only gained popularity as a writer after her death. The show is clearly having fun exploring how that came about.

Thankfully, the season finished shooting just in time for the coronavirus shutdown, so viewers do not have to be worried about Apple releasing a season that’s unfinished.

Returning this season are Jane Krakowski and Toby Huss as Emily’s mother and father, Anna Baryshnikov as Emily’s sister Lavinia, Adrian Blake Enscoe as Emily’s brother Austin, Ella Hunt as Emily’s best friend and now sister-in-law Sue, and Wiz Khalifa as Death.

Season 2 will introduce new guest stars including Nick Kroll as Edgar Allan Poe, Timothy Simons as Frederick Law Olmsted, Ayo Edebiri as Hattie, Will Pullen as Nobody, Finn Jones as Sam Bowles, and Pico Alexander as Ship.