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G Suite Users Will No Longer Have Unlimited Cloud Storage With Google Workspace Plans

Google Workspace, the rebranded version of Google’s G Suite enterprise tools, had so far offered free, unlimited cloud storage for users who work for eligible, subscribing companies. That is reportedly set to change as part of a revamping exercise, which will reduce the amount of cloud storage space that users have allocated to them under the new Google Workspace plans. The new plans, which have also been reorganised from what G Suite already offered, will deploy a fixed amount of space on Google Cloud for each user, hence restricting the upload of unnecessary or old items on cloud servers.

According to reports, Google so far offered its G Suite services under G Suite Basic and Business tiers. Now, under Workspace, users and companies will get three subscription tiers – Business Starter (which replaces Basic), Business Standard (which replaces Business) and a new Business Plus plan. Under the new tiers, Google will offer 30GB, 2TB and 5TB of cloud storage space, respectively. The Google Vault service, which was previously available with the erstwhile G Suite Business plan, will now be available with the Workspace Business Plus plan.

Google is implementing this shift in phases, and not on an immediate basis. Customers of G Suite will be required to subscribe to one of the new Workspace Business plans once their existing G Suite subscription expires. According to Android Police, the unlimited Google Drive storage will continue to exist as long as the users and enterprises do not shift to the new plans. The move should help companies and users adapt to the new storage limitation, and move files around as necessary.

Google Workspace plans start at Rs 125 per user per month for Business Starter, Rs 672 per user per month for Business Standard, and Rs 1,260 per user per month for Business Plus.

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