Today, Away marked Netflix history by spending ten consecutive days in first place on the Daily Top 10 list for shows. That makes the Hilary Swank drama just the third scripted show to ever capture a double-digit streak on the list that ranks the most popular shows on Netflix

In second place today, however, was Cobra Kai—a show that has, so far, had a better month than Away. Such a good month, in fact, that the former YouTube series is on the verge of breaking a record that was set last month by the second season of The Umbrella Academy.

Over the past month-and-a-half, The Umbrella Academy has posted a legendary run. In addition to 15 consecutive days atop the Daily Top 10 and garnering the fifth-most points of any Netflix show this year, the second season of the cult comic book adaptation put together 271 points in the month of August—easily the most points a show has ever accumulated in a single month period.

But that may change in September, as Cobra Kai has managed 140 points over the past 15 days. That means we’re halfway through the month, and Cobra Kai is more than halfway towards eclipsing The Umbrella Academy’s August point total.

Even if Cobra Kai can’t match The Umbrella Academy, the show will definitely post one of the highest monthly point totals yet this year. Here are the ten highest monthly point totals yet this year:

  1. The Umbrella Academy – 251 points
  2. Love is Blind – 250 points
  3. Tiger King – 243 points
  4. Ozark – 227 points
  5. Dead to Me – 204 points
  6. Outer Banks – 201 points
  7. 13 Reasons Why – 223 points
  8. Space Force – 217 points
  9. Unsolved Mysteries – 196 points
  10. Avatar: The Last Airbender – 162 points

Needless to say, Cobra Kai will easily match Avatar: The Last Airbender’s 162-point total from June. And it seems as though the beloved series will rise higher than that, as Cobra Kai has spent its first 19 days on Netflix in either the #1 or #2 position on the Daily Top 10. That’s a feat that only one other show, Ozark, has accomplished this year on Netflix.

With that kind of momentum, it isn’t enough to say that Cobra Kai could break the monthly point total record on Netflix. The 80s revival could, in fact, become one of the top ten shows on Netflix in 2020. To do that, Cobra Kai will need to garner at least 108 more points to catch Space Force.

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