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Are Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno Still Together in 2020?

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Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno will be confronting their marital problems in Season 2 of “The Family Chantel.”

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno will be confronting their marital problems in Season 2 of The Family Chantel. The couple’s family drama on 90 Day Fiance led to their own spinoff, with some viewers questioning if their marriage would last. So far, it seems like Chantel and Pedro are still together, though they do not often post about each other on social media.

While Chantel has been promoting various products, Pedro has been showing off his 25-pound weight loss. Though they would like to have children one day, the couple agreed they want to wait until the drama has died down.

Despite their lack of virtual PDA, Chantel admitted in the trailer for the new season of The Family Chantel that they’re “still trying to work” on their relationship. Pedro thinks things have gotten better.

“We not been better? A little bit? Like a teensy bit?” he asks. Chantel admits, “Maybe a little.”

That doesn’t mean things are easy for the tumultuous couple. Pedro and Chatel are shown fighting with each other in the new trailer, too. “You out of anybody should know how much this hurts me right now,” Chantel yells at Pedro. “I support you more than your family right now and you know that,” he responds.

Chantel And Pedro Fight With Their In-Laws Too

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Chantel and Pedro just don’t have problems with each other, their families have also caused issues for their relationship. In Chantel’s case, Pedro thinks she needs to try harder with his family, but Chantel doesn’t know what else she can do to make things better.

“I believe that I have been trying, again and again,” she told Pedro during an interview with Entertainment Online. “When we try to mend things with one another, or at least just get along, there’s always something that your sister or your mom can’t let go. I mean, last season, it was all about trying to let go of all of our differences, disagreements, and disappointments when we sat down with a mediator … I haven’t seen them since then. I mean, I don’t know what more that I can do.”

Viewers Get To Meet a New Family Member, Royal Everett

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Chantel isn’t the only member of the family who has married someone from another country. Season 2 of The Family Chantel kicks off with her brother, Royal, revealing that he married a woman named Angenette from the Philippines. Pedro accused the family of being hypocritical, saying he was accused of using Chantel for a green card but that when everyone met Angenette for the first time they were much more cordial.

“The first time [we] had dinner with your family was a little bit messed up at the table because everybody [was] asking if I want to marry you for a green card, or I was trying to get a green card for you,” he said during an interview with Us Weekly. “And the night that we met Angenette and Royal, everything was perfect.”

Pedro told the publication there seemed to be a double standard. “The night we meet Angenette and Royal, this went so smooth, everybody was happy, like, if nothing happened. [I’m], like, your son married somebody from the Philippines that you didn’t even know yet and then why are you being so normal about that?” he said.

To find out what happens, don’t miss Season 2 of The Family Chantel when it airs on Monday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo: See Chantel Jimeno’s Sister Winter Everett’s Weight Loss

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