A recent TV debate on Aaj Tak turned out to be a general knowledge quiz programme for model and Congress spokesperson Arshi Khan after Bhartiya Janata Party spokesperson Sambit Patra asked her the full form of PoK. After Khan denied answering the question, social media trolls grabbed the opportunity to create memes and divert from the original topic. The conversation was a part of a debate based on actor Kangana Ranaut and Maharashtra government’s ongoing tussle.

The video doing the rounds on Twitter shows how Patra, who deflected Khan’s question, rebutted with an out-of-syllabus counter question and asked her to take his GK quiz. Khan was adamant on not answering the full form of PoK (which stands for Pakistan occupied Kashmir), which led to Patra assuming that Khan did not know the answer and hence was incapable of questioning him.

Meanwhile, Twitter trolls are having a field day creating memes after the Bigg Boss 11 contestant failed to answer one question while Patra continue to dodge more serious questions on unemployment, pandemic, and falling GDP.

The subject about Mumbai and its comparison to PoK is hot these days after Ranaut described her fears of living in the city. Ranaut’s perpetual criticism of Bollywood industry comes after her claims of nepotistic nature of the entertainment field and presence of ‘movie mafias’ that led her feel unsafe in Mumbai.

Following her statement, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation demolished a part of Ranaut’s bungalow citing illegal extension of the property. Ranaut flew from her home in Manali to Mumbai last week and had also issued statements on social media calling out Maharashtra CM for colluding with Bollywood “mafias” who apparently want her out of the industry. Ranaut has now sought Rs 2 crore in damages for the demolition, which she calls illegal.

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