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Men’s style and grooming by Yatan Ahluwalia: Get ready for the festive season

  • Hair: Short on the sides and slightly longer on top. Wavy hair in the centre, left to look natural.
  • Skin: Clear and clean skin.
  • Face: Three-day old shadow stubble.
  • Brows: Thick brows. We trimmed the length of the hair to make them look neat.
  • Hair Tip 1: Sport this hairstyle if you are over 30 and have thin hair or scanty hair. If you keep the sides of your hair short, the centre will always appear fuller and denser.
  • Hair Tip 2: If you have some amount of grey hair, you need not use colour to hide and conceal (unless you really want to). Salt-and-pepper coloured hair can look both attractive and appealing, especially if you are otherwise well groomed. Colour treated hair can lose its texture and form. If you do use colour, always condition your hair on a regular basis.

5 ways to get it right

1.Pre-plan your looks: Decide your looks based on the occasions and festivities that you have to attend or take part in. Keep traditions and cultural sensitivities in mind before you decide what to wear.

Style tip: If you have multiple occasions, start with a simple and basic look and build this up as you go along. The strongest or heaviest look should be reserved and kept aside for the big or the most important day.

2.Beat the rush: Never leave the festive shopping to the last minute. The clothes you choose may need alterations or accessories to match with them and getting them well before festivities begin is always a safer and better option.

Style tip:If you are someone who waits for your favourite designer, brand or store to go on sale, get in early and pick what you like. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone walk away with what you have been eyeing or waiting to get your hands on.

3.Choose a colour story: It’s important to pick and wear clothes in colours that flatter your natural skin tone. Cold colours (blue, green, purple) work with pale skin tones while warm colours (brown, rust, orange and some shades of yellow) compliment dusky skin tones. When it comes to metallic tones (fabrics, jewellery or accessories), gold looks good if you are pale, silver and copper if you are dusky.

Style tip: Avoid black or grey as they aren’t very festive and are not considered being auspicious either.

4.Pick the right fit and form: Whatever you choose to wear, I strongly suggest you stick to a fitted and sharp silhouette. Do not buy your festive wear off the rack but have it custom tailored or designed.

Style tip:If you are buying off the counter, ensure to have the garment altered to fit perfectly on you. Never allow the shoulders to droop, the neck to be too tight or too loose, sleeves and overall length to be too short or too long – everything must fit and be just right, but yet allow you to move around and be comfortable in.

5.Accessorise right: I suggest you stick to what you really need and what you are supposed to have on – culturally and otherwise. Coordinate your footwear with your clothes. As a general rule, always match the colour of your clothes with what you have on your feet. Choose comfortable footwear that allows you to stand or sit for long hours at ease.

Chunky casual watches with metallic straps by Favre – Leuba

Chronograph with a bottle green & black dial by Tissot

Chronograph with a bottle green & black dial by Tissot

You may choose to accessorise with a simple chain around the neck. Add a pair of cufflinks or jewelled buttons to dress your look. Use deep, dark colours or rich textures and sheen on all cloth-based accessories. Even better, try those that have been embroidered or embellished. Invest in a good watch, not so much to tell the time but to make a strong style statement. Remember: when it comes to accessories for men – less is always more and one prominent piece is better than wearing too many!

The grooming guide:

1.Plan ahead: There’s no last-minute fix. Plan your look and start following a grooming regime as much in advance as possible. Ten days ahead isn’t just ideal, it’s highly recommended!

2.Get something new: Go in for a change in your look! A good start would be a new hairstyle. Choose a look that makes you look as less scruffy as possible.

3.Less is more: Time to shave or trim your facial hair. The strongest trend this season: clean is back and here to stay. If you can’tlose the beard – trim, it down and create neat lines all along the sides. This will make you look both smarter and sharper.

The regime to follow:


> Use a water-based moisturiser at night, just before you sleep. This should always be done on a clean face. Moisturisers don’t just nourish the skin, but reduce visible signs of ageing, stretch marks and lighten fine lines. They also condition and revive the skin.

> Apply a heavy-duty lip balm at bedtime. This will soften the lips, prevent flaky dead skin and help remove marks and stains.

> Use a mild formulation of a hair and body wash. The best time to shampoo your hair is just before you got to sleep, so the hair scalp stays clean and can breathe, for the hours that you sleep.

Multipurpose hair, beard and body wash by Man Arden

Multipurpose hair, beard and body wash by Man Arden

Once a month or when you start

> Trim the unwanted hair on the ears, nostrils, and brows. For the brows, threading is a must to clean the centre and sides. Cut the few odd long strands of hair that make your brows look bushy or out of shape.

> Pamper your hands and feet with a manicure and pedicure. Shorten the length of your nails and clean the cuticles so the nail beds look and feel, both fresh and clean.

Twice a month

> Go for a haircut. On the first appointment, choose a new style or maintain your existing style and desired length. On your second visit, trim the length and remove the new hair growth under the ears, on the neck and all around your head.

> Invest time (and a little money) in a good oil massage. This won’t just relax your muscles and sooth your mind, but also nourish and condition the skin.

Once a week

>Apply an effective face masque for deep pore cleaning and to tighten and brighten the skin. This is especially essential after the monsoon and before the onset of winter.

Tea Tree face mask by Oriental Botanics, which is effective on oily skin

Tea Tree face mask by Oriental Botanics, which is effective on oily skin

> Oil your hair with a light and natural oil of your choice. Leave overnight and shampoo then condition in the morning.

Twice a week

> Use a face scrub to exfoliate, remove dead cells and polish the skin. Avoid sensitive areas and if you have pimples or acne.

> Generously apply a body lotion or moisturiser all over, especially the elbows, knees, ankles and feet.

Thrice a week

> Apply an astringent or toner just before bedtime. This will remove any excessive build-up of oil, pollution and grime on the surface of the skin and will leave your skin feeling lighter and cleaner. Especially recommended if you have oily or acne prone skin.

Advance acne care kit by Kaya, which contains a cleanser, toner, corrector and nourishing lotion

Advance acne care kit by Kaya, which contains a cleanser, toner, corrector and nourishing lotion

> Trim the beard, moustache and any excessive hair that makes your facial hair look out of shape or messy. Shave as and when you can. A clean and well-groomed look is the best gift you can give yourself and others this festive season.

The author is an image, style and grooming consultant and trainer

From HT Brunch, October 11, 2020

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