Impatience is a trait of many successful people in business, and it has its place. The desire to effect change quickly is important and it can be frustrating when other people or external factors slow down our progress. We often find ourselves wishing something would happen now or waiting for the moment our lives will become somehow enhanced.

Living in the future means forgoing the present, and it’s easy to do. Getting caught up in dreams and plans misses the amazing stuff that you’re doing right now. Planning, preparing and anticipation of a major event are huge parts of the enjoyment, so treat them accordingly.

Here’s what to remember when you feel impatient.

No one is an overnight success

Years of hard work can feel like they have gone unnoticed, then BAM, that big break happens and it multiplies everything you have ever done. And you’re ready for it. Your foundations are strong. You have substance behind you and you know exactly what to do next.

The big breaks come as a result of consistent and prolific output. Influence follows output. Opportunity follows influence. You can bang down doors until your hands hurt or you can switch your attention to building your own house and people will be banging down your door just to work with you.

You have it really good right now

You are happy, healthy and safe. You have control over your life and you can choose any path. Living in the future will not make it arrive any faster. Life is happening right now, in this very second, and you’re missing it because you’re thinking about how it will feel when you’re in another time in the future.

You will still be the same person when that deal lands, when that round closes or after that launch. Trust it will happen and trust it will be great, but get comfy in the anticipation instead of willing it to hurry up.

Some things are out of your control

You can control what you put in but not what you get out, but somehow they feel like they work out about the same. Putting the work in, staying on brand, being exceptional and following up when you say you will; it’s all in your control. That magical unknown, that tip of the iceberg; leave it up to chance, or luck, or God or the universe. Whomever you want to attribute it to, surrender it over, safe in the knowledge that you’ve done your part and that is sufficient.

You have no concept of the forces at play in the background. The kind words said behind your back. The decision makers currently researching you. The people stumbling across your work. Trust it’s all happening and wait patiently for the approaches that confirm it.

Playing the long game is a solid strategy

Everyone wants instant gratification and quick wins. They flit about from career to career and relationship to relationship, looking for validation and acceptance. They cannot fathom that the validation and acceptance they seek only comes from within. That success is 99% showing up and sticking around. Arriving just to scan the area and depart misses the bigger picture and the finer details.

Hang around. When everyone else has given up. When they have convinced themselves that the grass is greener and have left to start from scratch. Remember your mission, recall what you know for sure and find the opportunity in chaos and despair. The early bird might catch the worm but the bird who stays all day gets all of them.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well

Perhaps your idea is so incredible you want to launch it right this second. But wait. Get it right first. Plan it out, rally your troops. Get your ducks in a row and ensure what you’re putting out there meets those high standards you hold yourself to. Be patient with others.

To paraphrase an African proverb, “Go fast, go alone. Go far, go together.” The best partnerships are worth waiting for and the best ideas are worth thorough execution. Don’t let your impatience lead to firing too soon. Timing is everything and you’ll know when to go.

Success is inevitable

Every action you have taken so far has led up to this point. Once upon a time you had nothing and now you have everything. One day you’ll have even more. Incremental gains stack up and compound. When you look back you’ll hardly believe how far you’ve come. In moments of impatience, trust that your future trajectory is certain. Success is inevitable. You cannot be deterred because you know that great things are coming and procrastination doesn’t occur to you because your purpose is set in stone.

Repeat to yourself, “I’ve got this. I know what I’m doing. No one is better placed to do this but me.” Take apprehension and nerves out of the equation and keep doing what you’re doing because it’s served you so well so far.

Bubbling over with excitement and getting antsy about the future is completely normal when you are acutely aware of how much you have to offer the world. Trust that it will unfold exactly as it’s meant to and concern yourself only with regular, exceptional input. It will all happen for you, I promise.

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