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Apple Launches A Smaller HomePod Mini Smart Speaker Alongside iPhone 12

Apple finally launched its new range of 5G enabled iPhone 12 smartphones, along with the HomePod Mini smart speaker at its “Hi, Speed” virtual launch presentation. Right before Apple announced the iPhones, the company unveiled a smaller version of its HomePod smart speaker the HomePod Mini. The HomePod Mini had been heavily rumoured ahead of its launch today. The HomePod Mini rumours started coming in a few weeks back, with reports saying Apple might be looking at a cheaper to finally see success in the smart speaker space. The Apple HomePod Mini has been launched at $99 (roughly Rs. 7,300) and will be available to order from November 6, with shipping’s starting on November 16.

The HomePod Mini uses Apple’s S5 chip for what Apple claims to be computational audio capabilities, and comes with features that enable seamless Siri pairing with all Apple devices if you are a part of the ecosystem. The Apple HomePod Mini also features Apple’s U1 Ultra wideband chip. The Apple HomePod Mini has a full-range dynamic driver with limited harmonic distortion, a passive radiator for the bass, and 360-degree audio, alongside the S5 chip.

The smart speaker has been launched in two colours – white and black. The Apple HomePod Mini also came with new Siri features that enable a tighter app integration. The HomePod Mini will have support for Amazon Music, but won’t support Spotify. It will also come with features like intercom, smart home controls, stereo pairing for multiple HomePod Mini speakers, Multiroom audio, and enhanced Siri controls.

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